The Service Associations are institutions that have been arising throughout the years of disinterested and voluntary service of the members of the Network-of-Light and of collaborators of the work in various countries. United in the same purpose of service to the Evolutionary Plan, these institutions congregated themselves in the spirit of union of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, unifying the different sectors of activity to the same principles, in the quest for peace and union.

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Irdin Editora is a publishing house that has as its purpose disseminating works of a philosophical and spiritual nature for this time of global transformations and of great need of inner seeking. They are teachings that introduce keys for the recognition of the immaterial laws that govern the universe in which we live and that sustain the Earth. They invite us to broaden our consciousness, unravel the mysteries of the history of our planet, perceive its purposes and join paths of fraternity and peace.

Through Irdin’s website, you can have access to all the conferences of the Spiritual Instructors that lead the work, such as Trigueirinho, Madre María Shimani de Montserrat and other authors present in the work. You have the alternative of either listening to them on the site or downloading the materialfor free, besides buying it or donating for it.

Irdin, in cooperation with Association Mary, also disseminates the texts channeled by the Divine Messengers: Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, collaborating with the Hierarchies in taking the encouragement of Mercy, of Grace and Redemption to those who are willing to receive it.

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The House Light on the Hill, located in Carmo da Cachoeira, southern Minas Gerais, Brazil, has as its foundation altruistic service and fraternal charity. The headquarters of this Nucleus of the Community-of-Light Figueira accommodates the Monastery of Charity of the Grace Mercy Order.

It renders a service that aims not only to the improvement of the material conditions of life, but also promotes the connection of persons with their soul, through a quest for a new way of living. All this work of charity and praise to peace and to good has its basis in fraternity towards all brothers and sisters, of all kingdoms.

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The Light on the Path House, located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, has as its purpose disinterested and altruistic service. It carries out its activities in a cooperative way, integrated to the works of the Nucleus-of-Light in the same city. It also aims at the recovery of the human condition and the reconnecting of the being with their soul. This work has as its key unconditional love and donation to all the kingdoms.

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Telephones: +55 (31) 3491-4480 | +55 (31) 3496-1019

Located in houses in the town of Teresópolis,and surrounding region, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Crer-Sendo Service Nucleus exists with purposes and objectives oriented to the spiritual goal. It works to keep alive a form of life in this planet where simplicity, peace and love for disinterested service may be established.

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Founded in 1998, with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Union Light Centeralso operates in the city of Cordoba and the town of Capilla del Monte. It arose with the purpose of collaborating in the syntony of the beings through inner and holistic healing.

In cooperation with the Community of Brotherhood, the Union Light Centermakes available ecumenical and praying spaces and activities, besides activities of service and of help to all the kingdoms.

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Telephones: +54 11 15 6957 4900 | +54 354 840 8214

Founded in 1990, it works for animal protection and conservancy of the environment through programs of education and through selfless service to the kingdoms, aiming at minimizing the suffering of the animals on the planet. It has as its highest purpose the practice of unconditional love.

At the side of the BR 265 road at the km 341, in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in August 2010, a slaughterhouse of bovine and swine animals was deactivated and completely renovated to become the “Francis of Assisi Park”, Animal Protection Society of Lavras (SLPA). Thus the kennel was born, a non-profit institution, conducted by volunteers, a park that accommodates abandoned, sick and ill-treated street dogs. With love, the Kennel recovers, castrates when it is the case and refers them for adoption.

Report about Francis of Assissi Park

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The House Christ of Good is a not-for-profit beneficent, ecumenical and humanitarian association. It exists as a bridge of union between groups and individuals that aspire to transformation, disseminating a new way of being and of living. Rendering service to people and to the Kingdoms of Nature, it lives love and fraternity. Through volunteers and voluntary donations, the Association shares meals, therapeutic cares, environmental education, instrumental music, philosophical/spiritual studies, donations of foods and clothes; it supports the practice of holistic, natural and alternative therapies; encourages practices of recycling and of sustainable fuel and fosters voluntary service.

The House Christ of Good has been in operation since 2006, in the district of Rio Comprido, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Logo ShastiThe Shasti Association is a non-profit organization located in Mt Shasta, California, United States, dedicated to the dissemination of philosophic-spiritual teachings including those of traditional wisdom and evolutionary significance.  Beside the diffusion of the works of Paul Brunton, and in collaboration with IRDIN Editora, it is responsible for publishing the whole work of Jose Trigueirinho Netto and his collaborators in English – thus providing a significant impulse for the diffusion of this work in the whole North American continent and in the countries where the use of the English language prevails.

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Address: P.O. Box 318 – Mt Shasta. CA 96067-0318 – USA. /
Phone: 1(530)925-2745